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381 Little League Lane, P.O. Box 75
Frenchburg, KY 40322
(606) 768-9368

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Adoption Application



The mission of the Menifee County Animal Shelter (MCAS) is to rehome our abandoned and neglected animals with the best possible home for their age, temperament, and history. Applications are not approved on a first come, first served basis; we choose what we believe to be the best home for each animal and applicant.


MCAS prefer our adoptive situations to be indoor placements with sufficient outside time for toileting, exercise and play. A fenced in yard is preferred. When keeping the animal as an indoor pet is not possible, we prefer that the animal be kept in an indoor/outdoor placement where they are brought in during inclement weather. Priority placement will be given to those families who intend to keep our animals indoors or as indoor/outdoor animals. If the animal is to be kept outside at any time, they must have sufficient housing to protect from all forms of inclement weather. No animal will be placed in a setting where he/she will be chained outside permanently. A fenced in area is acceptable (without chaining) as long as the area is large enough to accommodate the animal. The temperament and size of the animal will be considered when determining whether a shelter area is acceptable. Tethering for outdoor time for short periods of time is acceptable.


The stability of the placement will also be a factor in determining the best home for our animals. Since our animals have already suffered losses through neglect or abandonment, the most stable and loving situation will be chosen. The family size and ages will be considered when placing an animal, as well as the animal's size and temperament. The applicant must be mature enough to accept the responsibility of the animal and show a pattern of taking good care of animals. Applicants under 18 will not be approved. A veterinarian reference is preferred. If the applicant has not owned a pet, a secondary personal reference and a home call may be substituted for the veterinarian reference. Placement priority will be given to applicants who provide all shots, spay/neuter their animals, and provide heartworm and flea treatment preventative.


All applicants who are approved must read and sign the adoption agreement.


Please read the adoption agreement here before filling out the adoption application.

If your adoption is approved, we will ask you to sign it.


MCAS must be contacted if the animal is no longer wanted or cannot be kept by the applicant. Animals must be returned to the animal shelter if requested to do so. Failure to do so may result in legal action if warranted.